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Nur weil es ein so schönes Horoskop ist, soll es hier nun gedeutet werden. Es gibt den Moment wieder, zu dem im US-Kongress die Annahme eines Gesetzes (Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008) per Hammerschlag verkündet wurde, das es dem neu geschaffenen „Office of Financial Stability“ ermöglicht, einen 700 Mrd. US$ Fond zur Rettung von Banken einzusetzen. (mehr …)


SATURN-PLUTO 5. Juli 2005

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Hello my friend!

As I know you find some interest in my view of aspect-themes I shall note a few traits of Saturn-Pluto :)

Saturn-Pluto is one of the most difficult and at the same time least understood constellations.
First of all it signifies that one is born into a situation where the repression of truth, gestalt, destiny is already dominating life. The child with Sa-Pl is denied any kind of own individual destiny according to its own nature and endowments from the beginning. Parents’ plans for you or other circumstances force you to do the wrong things in life before you get a chance to adjust life to your true nature. Nearly always the first profession is the wrong one. People with Sa-Pl do not have any rank in society. They bear the mark of mental minority on their forehead. Unconsciously everyone in any functioning repressive society knows they are not part and never will be. If they however stay in the condition of repression of their own destiny they might be good slaves and be tolerated as such. In such a position they may very well be successful in the eyes of the world. But even rich and successful slaves are still slaves! Saturn-Pluto is the aspect of slavery and imprisonment.

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